About us

What is the gid?

The German Corporation for International Services (gid) provides services directly or can act as an agent into developing and industrialising countries – especially to Central Asian countries. The focus is on technical and economic consulting services. Thereby, the gid does not only support development aid in the countries in question but also promotes the export efforts of German companies. The gid is closely interconnected with national and international government organisations as well as NGOs.

Why gid?

German companies intend to offer and sell their know-how, products and services internationally. The Central Asian market has become more and more interesting. The countries in Central Asia do not only have the natural resources, but their societies and economies are rebuilding and strongly developed as well. More than that: they can be the gateway to other Asian markets.

However, lots of German companies struggle with the market entry. The structures of Central Asian countries differ significantly from structures in Germany or other industrialised western countries. Challenges are completely different.

Moreover, there is – partly felt, partly real – a political and societal unsafe situation. That is where the gid comes in. The gid consults companies, acts as an agent between the German and Central Asian economic area, transfers and provides services on behalf of German companies in or to Central Asia.

The network of the gid

The German Corporation for International Services (gid) has a wide network of economical and commercial contacts in Germany and Central Asia, assisted by consultants with intensive international expertise in the fields of economy, politics and education. Furthermore, the gid has a network of partner companies which is constantly growing.